Indescribable Love

Words have always come easy to me. I’ve always been able to express myself clearly and not-so-concisely, which only meant that I was never short of having something to say. Until I fell in love with her.

Love is the most covered topic on my blog, mainly me writing about my own idea of love or my past experiences I thought to equate to love. Every single notion of love before meeting Aubrie has been proven false and pales in comparison to the feelings I have for her and the way she makes me feel.

She came into my life and completely dismantled every aspect of what I thought I knew best and rebuilt it better. I thought the oasis of love in the depths of my heart was ideal and the pinnacle of human connection. Aubrie calmly came without a path of destruction and evaporated all the toxicity from that oasis, leaving behind only remnants of what love should be. On the soggy, fertile grounds she built her castle, her permanent residence inside my heart. All chambers were inhabited by her and the traits that make up who she is.

Her beauty runs deeper than the blood that courses through her veins. It’s the kind of beauty that leaves me gasping for air after diving in and never finding a limit to how far I could swim. It’s the kind of beauty that makeup can’t enhance, but rather she enhances the makeup. Where my heart melts at the sight of her when she’s sick and in sweats. Her modesty through all of it makes her sheer gorgeousness radiate further.

Her intelligence rivals and exceeds my own, but not in an intimidating way. Rather, her intelligence makes me strive to grow my own so I can be better for her. Our personalities are the same. We are so open with any topic of discussion no matter how uncomfortable. We listen to the same music. We love cats. We love the color blue. We love each other.

Each date has been magical, and watching us grow in such a short span of time from awkward attraction to a completely comfortable couple is nothing short of amazing. Everything has moved so fast, but it has all felt right.

The farther I make it in writing this piece, the harder it gets to come up with things to say about her. Every phrase or comparison I come up with doesn’t begin to do justice to this woman. This woman who tore down what was wrong in me and correctly, carefully built it back. This woman who constantly supports everything I do and encourages my dreams with more passion than even I do. This woman whose smile gives me so many butterflies I could fly. This woman who takes away this writer’s ability to find words. This woman whose never-ending love for me is the only reason I need to be happy in this life. This woman who can smile brighter than the sun can shine and who can love stronger than anyone shot by Cupid has given me the honor of being her boyfriend.

She is everything I ever wanted, I everything I never knew I wanted. She never ceases to amaze me. None of this remotely came close to adequately describing how much I love you, Aubrie. No matter what I write, I am never satisfied with my portrayal of my feelings for you. Nothing I could ever write would ever do justice to how much I love you. Hopefully this will suffice, and I will continue to try to find an appropriate way to tell you how much I love you.

The best I’ve come up with so far is that no span of time, no distance, and no outside force could ever cause me to stop loving you. Just as surely as the sun will rise, I will love you. Just as surely as taking a breath, I will love you. Thank you for showing me what true love is. Thank you for being my best friend.


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