California Dreamin’

In an area ravaged by wildfires just months prior to my visit, I witnessed serene landscapes and felt unblemished weather spanning the entirety of every day all week. Coming from a land-locked state like Arkansas, I wasn’t accustomed to the salt in the air. It was a scent that pleasantly invaded my nostrils as the coastal city of Santa Barbara became my temporary home. Being … Continue reading California Dreamin’

The JAG Spot: A Pilgrimage to Serenity

The summer prior to leaving for the next milestone adventure in our lives known as college was different than every other summer we had shared together. Street signs and overpasses would no longer separate us, but multiple “Now entering…” signs and thousands of miles would. We were reluctantly trying to move past adolescence. We had three months to fill with debauchery and memories, but we … Continue reading The JAG Spot: A Pilgrimage to Serenity