Nostalgic, Whimsical Lyrics to Survive the Quarantine

In the wake of being isolated and quarantined due to the Coronavirus, I figured it was as good a time as any to restart the blog. For my first post in months, I’ll still to something more light-hearted and fun rather than heavy and overbearing. We could all use some fun and interactive reading, right? So this will simply be a list of some of … Continue reading Nostalgic, Whimsical Lyrics to Survive the Quarantine

Chasing Rainbows

Chase held the chalice loosely in his fingers, the patterns and colors carefully crafted to depict a bipolar work of art. One half was complete with a set of angular lines, color coordinated like two rainbows each beginning at the outside with darkness and meeting with radiance. The other half was a conformist grey with thin white streaks to break the bleakness. “Today I’m just … Continue reading Chasing Rainbows