Smitten has become one of my newest favorite words due to how relevant it has become to me.

Words escape me in regards to my feelings for the first time ever. I have never had a problem expressing my emotions either verbally or through the written word, but in this recent period of me being completely and utterly smitten, I have not been successful in finding words that adequately portray how I feel.

My heart races and nearly leaps from my chest with each passing moment that my mind stays focused on her. In her eyes I find salvation and in her smile I find perfection. I picture things we’ve yet to do with the uttermost confidence that they will become reality. I am not sure if that confidence is permanent, or if it is just a masking of hopefulness.

Her beauty surpasses all of my previous set limitations of how attractive one person could be. Her intelligence is not only magnificent, but intimidating. The songs I’ve played to cure my past broken hearts and danced to blissful timestamps in life are the same as she has. I am still ignorant to so many things that make up who she is, but I’m a willing learner, a fast learner, and I never want to cease being filled with knowledge of her.

I can’t appropriately describe any of these feelings, and it’s frustrating because I always have been able to. This is a new occurrence that as a writer I’m not too fond of, but at the same time, I feel like that’s how this is all supposed to be.

When we find someone so special that the human element of creation through words doesn’t suffice, that’s when we hold feelings that are unmatched and a giddiness with an incredibly vague explanation.

This train of thought is scattered and seems to be a ramble as opposed to a coherent post, but my brain has been jumbled since I met her. It does seem like things might be working out this time. Here’s to hoping.


One thought on “Smitten

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