Excitement! Halfway Finished, Updates, and Announcement

In the past week, I’ve been lucky enough to have had an influx of inspiration while working on my current novel. From Friday to Sunday I wrote 14,000 words, allowing me to reach the halfway point in this work.

The most exciting part, for me at least, is that I finally have a name for this novel! All it took was me locking myself inside and typing my life away for three days straight and reaching the halfway marker for a title to jump off the page and feel right with the plot, characters, and all the elements that make up a novel. The title will be Sunset Cove. I have an idea for cover art and everything, but still in the very rough stages.

Probably the only reason I know that I am halfway finished with this rough draft is because this novel is broken up into six different parts and I just finished the third. The first part takes place in the past, the second in the present, and alternates until the story’s completion.

At the ending of part three the total word count almost reaches 40,000 words. For clarity, every 250 words (roughly) is one page of a paperback, which means I am on pace for a 320-page novel. Hopefully I can keep the creative juices flowing and reach that 80,000 word count goal.

If I keep writing like I have been, then this sucker will be finished in a month. That is, if I can keep inspiration and desire up-to-par with the past week.

The plot for Sunset Cove was originally centered around an outline I made, but I have been straying from that outline and adding many more details that help with character development and add humorous elements to it as well. My hope is that this story can encompass multiple genres and elements of the human psyche. There’s romance, familial discord, humor, self-discovery, adventure, and violence.

In all sincerity, I cannot thank each of you enough who constantly read my posts and support my work. It is an indescribable feeling to have people enjoy my thoughts on paper.

Thank you all so much.


– Jackson C.

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