Update: Handling Rejection

This morning I received yet another email from a literary agent unwilling to represent me and get Sunset Cove published. This marked the fifth rejection email I’ve received on the project. This morning’s email was different, though. It wasn’t an automated response generated from an overbooked agent, nor was it a task assigned to a secretary giving the stereotypical “thanks, but no thanks” response. Instead, … Continue reading Update: Handling Rejection

Upon Completion

Writing about the past is normally my strongest ability, but this novel has been challenging at the very least. More appropriately, this piece of my soul that I have been penning has been the culmination of experiencing all emotions imaginable as they pertain to a single other person. It is based on many true events, though I won’t disclose which are fictional and which actually … Continue reading Upon Completion

Excitement! Halfway Finished, Updates, and Announcement

In the past week, I’ve been lucky enough to have had an influx of inspiration while working on my current novel. From Friday to Sunday I wrote 14,000 words, allowing me to reach the halfway point in this work. The most exciting part, for me at least, is that I finally have a name for this novel! All it took was me locking myself inside … Continue reading Excitement! Halfway Finished, Updates, and Announcement

Second Excerpt From my Latest Novel

I was so adrift in my stream of consciousness that I had not noticed how far I had ventured down Cantrell. I had effectively driven myself out of the city and into the winding road among the trees and wilderness. That was the simplicity of the Natural State; it only took fifteen minutes to abandon civilization and be enveloped by forests remaining intact, untouched by … Continue reading Second Excerpt From my Latest Novel