Update: Handling Rejection

This morning I received yet another email from a literary agent unwilling to represent me and get Sunset Cove published. This marked the fifth rejection email I’ve received on the project. This morning’s email was different, though. It wasn’t an automated response generated from an overbooked agent, nor was it a task assigned to a secretary giving the stereotypical “thanks, but no thanks” response. Instead, … Continue reading Update: Handling Rejection

Irretrievable Past or Uncertain Future?

Which is more powerful: the desire for something you want but haven’t yet obtained, or the desire for something you once had but lost?   This question was posed to me by none other than Alex Bumpers on August 16, 2016. I remember the exact date because it was a question I spent hours agonizing over, wondering what could possibly be the answer. This question scrambled … Continue reading Irretrievable Past or Uncertain Future?