California Dreamin’

In an area ravaged by wildfires just months prior to my visit, I witnessed serene landscapes and felt unblemished weather spanning the entirety of every day all week. Coming from a land-locked state like Arkansas, I wasn’t accustomed to the salt in the air. It was a scent that pleasantly invaded my nostrils as the coastal city of Santa Barbara became my temporary home. Being … Continue reading California Dreamin’

The Return: Musings on the Future and Recent Past

It has been much too long since I wrote on this blog. With school swinging into full force, working as an editor for another website, and a lack of desire/inspiration to write, it has been three months since I’ve posted any new content. Now, though, finals are over and the summer is here. School came to a close with me finalizing the best semester of … Continue reading The Return: Musings on the Future and Recent Past