Too Much on My Plate Just Means More to Eat

Wow have I been busy lately. As soon as school let out for the summer I started working hard in other avenues not related to academia. So far, I’m loving it. Recently I have taken on the task of ghostwriting a book. Although I cannot provide details yet, I can say it is under way and coming along great. This is on top of working … Continue reading Too Much on My Plate Just Means More to Eat


The scent of salt water traveled in the ocean breeze to mix with the overwhelming smells of sex and alcohol. We had arrived. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico was now overrun by college-aged tourists on the annual spring break pilgrimage. Venders were trying their best to sell knock-off souvenirs to some innocent travelers, the girls were scantily-clad at best, alcohol was consumed by the gallon. It was … Continue reading Destination