California Dreamin’

In an area ravaged by wildfires just months prior to my visit, I witnessed serene landscapes and felt unblemished weather spanning the entirety of every day all week. Coming from a land-locked state like Arkansas, I wasn’t accustomed to the salt in the air. It was a scent that pleasantly invaded my nostrils as the coastal city of Santa Barbara became my temporary home. Being … Continue reading California Dreamin’

Second Excerpt From my Latest Novel

I was so adrift in my stream of consciousness that I had not noticed how far I had ventured down Cantrell. I had effectively driven myself out of the city and into the winding road among the trees and wilderness. That was the simplicity of the Natural State; it only took fifteen minutes to abandon civilization and be enveloped by forests remaining intact, untouched by … Continue reading Second Excerpt From my Latest Novel


The scent of salt water traveled in the ocean breeze to mix with the overwhelming smells of sex and alcohol. We had arrived. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico was now overrun by college-aged tourists on the annual spring break pilgrimage. Venders were trying their best to sell knock-off souvenirs to some innocent travelers, the girls were scantily-clad at best, alcohol was consumed by the gallon. It was … Continue reading Destination