Officially Finished

After one year, six months, and nineteen days, I’ve finally finished the rough draft completely.

It took a lot longer than I had anticipated after setting a goal for myself to be finished by the end of January, but I added a lot more to the plot, spent a great deal of time editing, and took some time away from writing to focus on school.

The final word count is just shy of 75,000 words, which translates into close to 300 pages of a published novel. As long and arduous as a task it was to write this book, now comes an even harder part: finding a publisher.

This book is one that is close to my heart not only because of the effort it took to write, but because I lived it. It’s not entirely based on events I’ve experienced, but there are some extremely important aspects of my life that I fictionalize and bring to life in the form of Chris Bridges.

Sunset Cove is heavily influenced linguistically and stylistically by Pat Conroy, my favorite author. He wrote compelling stories through autobiographical fiction, and I’m trying to do the same. At the heart of this piece is a story. A relatable story of personal growth, friendship, and love, three things we as humans all long to feel.

I must stress, though, that this is just the first draft that is finished. I need to go through and heavily edit the work. Again. I need to find an agent/publisher who can provide me the resources to perfect my story and ideas. I’m too accustomed to my own writing after staring at this thing for almost two years that I’ve become blind to my mistakes. I need someone else to address the mistakes I’ve made (I’m sure there’s an abundance) so that I can correct them and make this project as amazing as it deserves to be.

Any leads or contacts would be greatly appreciated in trying to publish my first book and taking the first step to achieving my dream of being an author. I am continuously thankful and grateful for all the support from my loved ones and from my friends. Without all of your encouragement I would not have ever had the patience and persistence to finish this project.

Here’s to hoping for a little bit of luck to go with my hard work so I can find a publisher!

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