The Return: Musings on the Future and Recent Past

It has been much too long since I wrote on this blog. With school swinging into full force, working as an editor for another website, and a lack of desire/inspiration to write, it has been three months since I’ve posted any new content.

Now, though, finals are over and the summer is here. School came to a close with me finalizing the best semester of my academic career, and now that I have plenty of free time, I plan on writing (and reading) much more.

First off, I took the time to concentrate the content on this blog so that it isn’t so scattered. Many articles have been removed and I changed the layout to make the site more appealing and easier to navigate. The main topics on the site will focus on travel, reflection (my specialty), and the novel projects I’ll be working on.

Secondly, I will attempt to be a more active member of the blogging community, supporting other blogs and interacting with other writers across the world. We could all use each other’s support.

Third, I will not be posting as often as I was before I took a break from writing. I want to concentrate on producing better content as opposed to pumping out more pieces of lower quality that are essentially only written to drive traffic.

This site began as a place for me to publish my own musings as well as possibly gain exposure for the works I was writing. It turned into me being obsessed with numbers of viewers, which are important, but not the purpose of my writing.

Writing is my passion, and it should remain that way. Whether or not I have ten or ten-thousand views on each post, my approach should be the same: write about what is important to me in a way I can adequately portray.

Since my last post, I have been working on many different fronts trying to perfect my craft and find a clear(er) direction of where I want to take my writing.

I have agreed to ghost-write a novel, but I cannot delve into any of the details at this current moment. I am very excited about taking on that task and where it takes me. The story is compelling and needs to be told, especially now.

I started (if you can call it that) a sports website for Razorback articles, but only published a few during the closing of the basketball season. Also, I started writing for Everything Kentucky Football, a site that strictly focuses on Kentucky Wildcat football, which I had no prior knowledge. It’s helped me gain exposure and form relationships, though.

Though I am still making the rounds editing my novel, I have begun writing another novel and have ideas for yet another. I probably have more ideas than I know what to do with, and too many passions for my own good, but that’s all better than the alternative, I guess.

I’m now approaching twenty-two years old, a rising junior in college, and have dozens of different career options I’m passionate about. Law school is a real possibility, as is obtaining my master’s in English or history. Trying to become a political pundit or a journalist of any sort is still on the horizon. Becoming an author has always remained in the forefront of my mind. Sometimes I think about trying my hand at music again, or I’ll get some idea about entrepreneurship and opening a business. I’ve flirted with the idea of teaching, too. There are endless possibilities for someone with as many interests as me, which is a blessing and a curse.

There are so many different paths I can take where I’m at least initially interested in what I will be doing as a professional, but with that comes an increased chance that I will be disappointed by the path I choose.

As young as I am, the things I love now, I might not love down the road. I might not be in love with taking charge of a courtroom after I graduate law school. I might not find it fun championing a classroom after obtaining a teaching certification. I might be void of passion for meeting short deadlines on a daily basis in journalism. It’s all a mystery until I’m actually in the situation. By the same token, though, I could find that I want to try all of these, and be completely content with each.

I’m at the point where I’ll have to start making all these decisions and take chances on my future. And now that I’ve been in a serious relationship for a good while now (six months on the 11th of this month!) that has to factor into the decision, too.

Life is a funny thing full of twists and turns and mistakes and failures. Business can overtake passion, and some decisions can change the entire course of life. This post is much like life in that it has gone all over the place, from my hiatus all the way to my love life and different career paths. In a world of twists and turns, where the most important lesson I’ve learned is to maintain a balance, all I can hope to do is enjoy the ride.

-Jackson C.

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