Best Way to Smoke Chicken Wings (And Steak)

To continue with my food posts, I will be sharing my process (the best process) for smoking chicken wings. There are just a few simple ingredients and easy steps to follow to have delicious homemade wings.

What You Will Need:

Steak of your choice (I used a strip)

Chicken wing drumettes (one package)

French’s buffalo wing dry seasoning (one package)

Olive oil

Your choice of steak seasoning (I used McCormick Montreal steak)


Lighter fluid

Hickory wood chips

Marinade and Grill Prep:

First, you need a big bowl for the wings and a regular plate for the steak.

Individually put each of the wings into the large bowl. Pour about half of the buffalo seasoning into the bowl. Mix with the wings. Add a skosh olive oil and then the rest of the buffalo seasoning. Toss and mix well.

Drizzle olive oil on each side of the steak; pat and rub. Sprinkle the Montreal steak seasoning on each side and edges pat and rub.

Refrigerate both while lighting the grill.

Soak hickory chips in a bowl with water. Keep until noted. Make a mound of charcoal at the basin of your grill. Soak in lighter fluid and then light.

Once the coals are all or mostly grey, place soaked wood chips on pile. Shake excess water before placing. Let the chips burn and the fire die down until the grill is only smoking.


Place the meat just outside the direct heat so the droppings won’t cause the flame to catch back up and scortch the meat just yet. Let the grill smoke, covered. Check the grill every 10-15 minutes depending upon heat. Grill to your desire.


Be sure there is a little burn on the chicken wings so you know they are cooked all the way through. A little burn on the skin only adds a little crunch, which is always a good thing. The sauce is what is being burned.

Don’t flip the steak often. Maybe once or twice if need be.

If you need any additional help, here is the video I posted:


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