To My Blog Followers:

To the twenty-six of you who get updated with every post I make on here, this is to you. I would have liked to send out an email to each of you, similar to a newsletter, but does not support that plugin as does. So, this is how I hope to gain your attention.

I have been posting on this site for nearly a year now. Writing is my passion, as each of you know, and along the way in my pursuit of becoming a published author, I have constantly hit road block after road block.

These road blocks are normal, and they happen to everyone in this pursuit at some point, or I like to think so, at least. Writer’s block has reared its ugly head in many times, but I fought through it. Apathy towards my writing has made appearances as well. Failure joins those two to make a deadly concoction at the heart of the writer.

All writers write for pleasure and passion, but as well-intentioned as we are, we are also mysterious creatures. We second-guess ourselves more than we should. We aren’t secure in what we write. We constantly need compliments or an audience to feel gratified about the work we do, but at the same time we are vulnerable and hesitant to let our talent on display.

I say all of this to you for a number of different reasons. Mainly, that I appreciate your support and will always be thankful that you enjoyed my writing and my lifestyle enough to follow me on a daily basis. Life is a journey that I am now sharing with each of you. I also say this because general blogging has become more than a hobby to me now than it was at the start. I began this site with the thought that I would fill it with serious writings and lovely language and excerpts from the novels I would soon publish (funny, right?) and that in doing so I would generate a lot of exposure for myself, accompanied by fame and wealth. None of that has happened.

This blog has moved from reflections on love and heartbreak to a place to post recipes, jokes, and Throwback Thursdays. It has become a directionless publication as scattered as my own mind, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As the blog has grown slightly, I have grown greatly. I still hold hope that my blog will continue to grow and that I can relate to many different people going through life just as I am.

Ideally, this could be a way for me to share recipes, life goals and accomplishments, reflections, and stories while making some loose change in doing so in order to expand this site further.

My goals for this blog are far from being met, or even beginning. I want to start a YouTube channel to post vlog updates and read excerpts from my own books and my favorite books. I want to optimize the website, making faster load times, a cleaner homepage, more specific categories, and the ability to have a real “Shop” page. With camera equipment I could post instructional videos on cooking to make a more in-depth process, as well as the uses listed previously.

I don’t have a thirst for wealth or fame, but rather I hunger to be someone people can relate to and go to for advice, guidance through reflection, bettering themselves in the kitchen or anywhere, and writing works that people enjoy. I want to be a role model and a jack-of-all-trades.

It is not arrogance when I say that I know a great deal about many things, but honesty. It is honesty because I will be the first to admit that there are few, if any things I am an expert at and many things that I am completely ignorant of.

Months ago I started a  Patreon page (you might have seen my “Become a Patron” tab) to give incentives to support me in my writing. Due to the lack of followers, funds, and time, I need Patrons in order to make these improvements to my blog, allowing improved content for my readers.

Don’t feel obligated to become a patron, please. I can always keep this site operating at its current capacity without any patrons; there would just be no room or means for improvement.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and again it truly means the world to me that you are following this blog and supporting me.


-Jackson C.


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