Poem #1

You reside inside my head and inhabit all my thoughts
But your voice seems so distant and your image can’t be caught
I lie awake every night in an attempt to fathom how I feel
And no matter how hard I try these are feelings I can’t keep concealed

These thoughts enflame my passion and I try to come up with words
But even if I tried to scream them they wouldn’t be heard
These words circle your being inside my head
And you’re surrounded by the words I’ve never said

One day, when I usher up the mettle for these words to fall on your ears
I’ll hold you close in my arms and protect you from all your fears
Your problems will become mine as I walk with you through them all
And I will always lift you up no matter how far you may fall

I’ll never let you feel unwanted or alone
Ever since the day we met I’ve wanted you as my own
This distance is hindering, but right now I’m enjoying the view
One day maybe I’ll be able to say the words “I” and “love” and “you”.



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